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Tree Care

Streef Tree Experts offers all types of landscaping services. Tree removal is one of our specialties! We provide residential and commercial tree services, specializing in tree trimming, tree removal, shrub trimming and removal, tree stump removal(grinding), storm damage, and emergency needs. Our clients have the peace of mind they deserve and we are fully insured and licensed to help with your tree service concerns. If you are looking for a reputable and professional tree service company, then you have come to the right place!


Pruning can remove any portions that have a disease, fungi, and other types of decay, stopping it from spreading to healthier branches. Removing these branches can also expose the others to more sunlight and air circulation, which also helps to reduce the incidence of disease. Encourages fruit production

  • Why Prune?
    Pruning removes dead and dying branches and stubs, allowing room for new growth and protecting your property and passerby from damage. It also deters pest and animal infestation and promotes the plant’s natural shape and healthy growth.
  • For Maintaince
    Pruning trees and shrubs encourages healthy fruit and flower production. Regular trimming develops hedge aesthetics and keeps evergreens proportioned and dense. Such maintenance supports your property’s planned layout and appearance by controlling plant size and shape.
  • For Protection
    Regular pruning reduces the risk of storm damage to structures from broken branches. Protect your family and friends from falling branches over walkways, driveways, and children’s play areas. This practice also helps control pests, vermin, and snakes by reducing their habitat options.